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MB Market Development brings you closer to your goal

You like to reach markets more efficiently or to conquer new segments?
MB Market Development materializes export & import opportunities in German speaking markets, the Benelux or the United Kingdom!

You plan to introduce new products or to improve commercial processes, but ideas need to be further developed?
MB Market Development takes care of effective development & implementation!

Make ideas come true

The market changes rapidly and product lifecycles are getting shorter. How much time is left to assure reason for being? How can you beter differentiate from the competition? To find answers to these questions, new ideas and initiatives are constantly needed, whereby a combination between experience and a fresh, unbiased  look at opportunities seem to be the winning combination.
Owner Marc Boendermaker is a sales & marketing professional with automotive background (industry & Wholesale), who brings a wealth of international knowledge and experience. His speciality is the development of programs to improve effctiveness of marketing. Examples are improving effectiveness and efficiency of marketing in the Benelux, german speaking markets or the United Kingdom. Apart from that the development of new initiatives in the area of customer satisfaction, loyalty & retention and programs to improve effectivity of marketing. Is your organisation in a process of change and can you use support to develop improvement programs, then do not hesitate to contact us. We support to make ideas come thru based on an unbiased perspective on the market and your organization. Please contact us today to plan for a free consult!

The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence; it is to act with yesterday’s logic

Peter Drucker

We assure durable result thru the right mix between structure and culture!

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